How to Connect Your Smart Phone with Your Speakers

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If you have an iPhone or similar smart phone then you typically have enough storage store music. Keeping your music collection on your phone is a good way to pass the time when you are on the road. Most people prefer listening to their music by using earbuds. However, if you are at home then using some decent speakers can enhance the listening experience. However, the problem is that you have to connect you speakers to your phone in some way.

If you have regular speakers then you will need an amplifier which would connect to your phone by using a cable adapter. However, plugging in the cable into your phone can wear out the connecting Jack over time. By using a Bluetooth receiver from Amphony, you can reduce that wear and tear because the audio is streamed wirelessly. However, make sure that your phone has Bluetooth enabled. In addition, it also must support one of the modern audio protocols.

If you do have a smart phone that does have a port for Bluetooth then all you need to do is connect the Bluetooth amplifier with your speakers by using some short speaker wires. I recommend to connect the wallwart with the amplifier before connecting the wallwart with an outlet. That will eliminate sparks which can occur due to rush-in current. I also recommend using a power strip that has a switch. That will allow you to physically turn off everything when not in use.

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The phone must be paired with the amplifier in order to stream music. This procedure is pretty straightforward. I recommend you go to YouTube in order to watch a video which can explain the process. Once the pairing is complete, you can simply activate the Bluetooth device on your phone and audio will be sent to the speakers.

You can also use a regular Bluetooth receiver without an amplifier and connected to some active speakers. Most PC speakers are active because they have to connect directly with the soundcard. Simply plug in the speakers to the Bluetooth receiver and you are all set. If you don’t like the hassle of working with a dedicated receiver or amplifier then you can instead choose to purchase some Bluetooth speakers. However, keep in mind that many Bluetooth speakers are fairly small and don’t have good bass response.