Some Tips for Properly Connecting Audio Devices

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Most people will have audio systems which consist of several individual components. Such components might be power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, turntables, radios and other types of equipment. What is common amongst all of these components is that they have to be interconnected in order to form the system. When making these connections, you will need to know what type of connecting cable you required also how to connect it.

Making the connections can sometimes get confusing. This is no surprise because modern audio systems have become quite complex. Usually there is a wiring diagram included with most of these components which describes how to hook them up. However, most of these components can be connected in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to generate an overall system diagram.

cordless outdoor speakers

Such a …

How to Simplify Your Life by Using Wireless Products

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Wireless products promise ultimate freedom from being tangled up with all sorts of cables. It is not surprising that wireless products have taken off in the last decade. This can be in part contributed to the development of standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

However, even though manufacturers are attempting to buy the installation of wireless products, there are still some drawbacks and hassles that you need to keep in mind. First of all, it is sometimes quite difficult to install a wireless network. You often have to play with you computer settings in order to get wireless network to work properly. It is not often plug-and-play as manufacturers wanted to believe.

Also, one common problem is that there are several standards out there which don’t always cooperate with one …

How to Connect Your Smart Phone with Your Speakers

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If you have an iPhone or similar smart phone then you typically have enough storage store music. Keeping your music collection on your phone is a good way to pass the time when you are on the road. Most people prefer listening to their music by using earbuds. However, if you are at home then using some decent speakers can enhance the listening experience. However, the problem is that you have to connect you speakers to your phone in some way.

If you have regular speakers then you will need an amplifier which would connect to your phone by using a cable adapter. However, plugging in the cable into your phone can wear out the connecting Jack over time. By using a Bluetooth receiver from Amphony, you can reduce …

How Far Can You Transmit with Wireless Speakers?

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The wireless range is crucial in certain applications when setting up wireless speakers. The transmission range of wireless speakers depends on the technology used by the speakers is well as the particular make of the speakers. I will review some key technologies and also talk about wireless range.

wireless outdoor speakers

The transmission range of wireless speakers can be as short as 20 feet in case of Bluetooth speakers or is high as 600 feet like speakers from Amphony or Sonos. But what causes the huge difference in range? In order to answer that question, I will explain the bit about technology is being used. Most modern speakers nowadays transmit audio by converting the signal into data. That data is then modulated onto a wireless carrier wave. This carrier wave is transmitted via an …

How to Stream Audio from a Smart Phone

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Almost every smart phone on the market comes with an application that can play MP3s. Since most phones have a substantial amount of internal memory, storing MP3s on the phone is a great way for taking music on the go. In fact, there some online radio stations which actually allow downloading of content. That means that if you don’t have Internet access you can still listen to music which was streamed through your phone while you were at home. Also, storing MP3s on the phone allows you to maintain your music collection and have instant access to any song of your choosing just by inputting the title or artist. Most play applications are fairly sophisticated and not only allow you to search for a particular artist was song but also allow …

How to Properly Install Outdoor Loudspeakers

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Outdoor loudspeakers are not that difficult to install if you know how to. I have done a few installs in the past and would be glad to share my thoughts in this post. Before attempting to install the speakers outdoors, first verify that the speakers are suitable for use outdoors. If the manufacturer has not specifically qualified them for outdoor use then chances are they’re not. If you are installing them in the protected areas such as on the roof then you can probably get by installing regular loudspeakers which don’t necessarily have to be waterproof. However, if the speakers are exposed to rain then I would caution against that. Rain can damage any speaker very quickly.

In addition to the speakers being waterproof any metal objects such as the grill of the …